ARI LOTFI of Cary High School the 2019 Featured Artist of Spring Daze Arts and Crafts Festival in Cary

We are happy to announce that Ms. Arianna (Ari) Lotfi has received appreciation from Mayor of Cary Mr. Weinbrecht for her art work in a special ceremony in Cary Theater in Downtown Cary. 


Arianna is 2019 Featured Artist of Spring Daze Arts and Crafts Festival in Cary.

Ari Lotfi transferred to Cary High School in 2018 to immerse herself in a high level arts program.  She has learned a lot about art in just one semester; new techniques, skills and being able to express herself more freely.  Her excitement about her new school and artistic endeavors are captured in the Spring Daze artwork, Springtime Celebration.


Springtime Celebration expresses Ari's enthusiasm for Spring and the new beginnings it brings.  The confetti communicates energy and celebration; the flowers are representative of new life and opportunities a new season can bring.


This piece of art, in addition to others submitted for the honor, will be on display at the Bond Park Boathouse during the festival, located in Section G.


Learn more about Ari and her artwork:


Iranian Cultural Society of NC congratulates Arianna’s achievement to Ari, her proud parents Wendy and Ray Lotfi and their extended family.