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ICSNC Policy on promoting the Persian cultural events


If you are interested to promote your Persian Cultural Events via Iranian Cultural Society different media (Website, Email , Facebook or Newsletter), Please read the ICSNC policy.

You may then send your request with all the required information to ICSNC current President, Mr. Javad Taheri at

ICSNC Policy on promoting the Persian cultural events in this area


Iranian cultural Society of NC (ICSNC) Event Promotion Policy


The following policy has been set by the ICSNC Board of Directors for cooperation between ICSNC and all established organizations who are interested in promoting Persian Culture:


  • ICSNC Email listserve and Mailing list are the most up to date databases of the Persian contacts in North Carolina. The subscriber’s information is kept in total confidentiality and is not shared with any other organizations or business entities.
  • ICSNC cooperates with all established organizations with promotion of their non-commercial events related to the Persian culture.
  • In order to support ICSNC financial obligations, ICSNC cannot advertise or support any event which its dates coincide with an ICSNC event to which ICSNC has a committed financial obligation. Once the ICSNC event has taken place OR the financial commitment has been met, advertisement or support for other events can be made.
  • ICSNC must be identified as a co-sponsor of the event in any of the program announcements (Multimedia, posters, flyers and verbal acknowledgement during the event in all languages).
  • Tickets to the event need to be offered at a 20% discount to the ICSNC members. ICSNC members are identified by presenting their membership card or an appointed member of ICSNC will be present at the event to identify the members from the latest membership list. The 20% discount is optional for the events organized by the Iranian student organizations to support them and their programs.
  • Religious and political comments/slogans cannot be included in the announcement.
  • Content of all announcements are subject to the ICSNC Board of Directors approval.
  • Approved event will be listed on the ICSNC Facebook and ICSNC website under Calendar of Events.


For electronic publicity via email;

  • For non-ICSNC events, 7 business days and for ICSNC events 3 business days’ planning notice is required
  • Posters need to be in the png, gif, jpg, jpeg or word format. Images must be smaller than 640x480 pixels. PDF’s are not acceptable.
  • One email and one reminder will be sent thru ICSNC listserv for all non-ICSNC events. For ICSNC events one weekly email prior to the event and two emails on the week of the event will be sent.


For paper mail publicity of an event thru ICSNC newsletter:

  • A ½ page advertisement is provided free of charge.
  • For newsletter inserts, printed flyers must be provided by the requestor.
  • Approved notice is required for publishing advertisement in the upcoming newsletter; provided the event date is at least a month after mailing date of the Newsletter.
  • Newsletter Committee needs 10 days to design and set the ½ page advertisement and needs 5 days for inserts.


For paper mail publicity in the form of a post card or individual flyers;

  • Requestor needs to supply the pre-stamped post cards or the flyers in pre-stamped envelopes with ICSNC mailing address as the return address.
  • A two-week notice is required for approval, label preparation and mailing.


The event announcement should include the following:

  • Title: Title of the program
  • Program: Brief description of the program
  • Date: Date of the event
  • Time: Exact time and all related schedules
  • Tickets: Price of the ticket for general public and ICSNC members (if applicable)
  • Place: Full address of the event
  • Direction: Direction or URL of the location if possible
  • Contact: Name, phone, email address
  • Sponsored by: The requesting organization and co-sponsored by Iranian Cultural Society of North Carolina (ICSNC)
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