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ICSNC Committees

The following is the list of ICSNC committees and their responsibilities;

Event Committees - These committees are responsible to organize different cultural events throughout the year.

Charshanbeh-Soori - Organize the Charshanbeh-Soori event.

Community Outreach - Provide support and assistance to organizations and those in need.

Entertainment - Organize small entertainment events, Concerts, Dance, Gatherings, Parties, Picnics

International Festival - Organize the participation of Iranians in the International Festival of Raleigh.

Lectures, Poetry Recitals, Seminars - Organize Lecture, Poetry reading, Educational Seminars and music events.

Nowruz, Yalda - Organizes the Nowruz and Yalda events.

Sadeh, Tirgan, Mehregan - Organize the cultural celebrations.

Sizdahbedar - Organize the Sizdahbedar outing.

Organizational Committees - These committees are responsible to manage different structural ICSNC tasks.

Audit - Audit and verification of the ICSNC financial books.

Bylaws and Procedures - Create, update procedures and update the By-Laws when necessary.

Communications, Website, Public Relations- Handles ICSNC communication and social media activities under BOD direction.

Farsi School, Students Cultural events - Assist with Farsi school for all of those who strive to learn Persian Language.

Fundraising, Helping Hand - Organizes fundraising activities as needed,

Iranian American Community Center - Plan to build a Cultural Center in the area.

Membership - Review ICSNC activities to improve attracting new members and keeping current members.

Peyvand Magazine - Manage, edit and publish the ICSNC Newsletter.

Nomination and Election - Organize the Annual General Assembly and Election per ICSNC by-law and procedure.