Down the memory lane (May 17, 2003)

School of Farsi Language 50 students completed the 2002-2003 school year on May 17, 2003. This accomplishment was made possible by many volunteer teachers, PTA members and parents. The 1992 founder of our school, Mrs. Habibeh Ghorbani Berenjian, was recognized by lighting the candle representing the school and joining two other candles, representing our language, teachers and parents. Each teacher then lit a candle from these candles and gave flowers to her/his students as their names were called. Students and teachers formed two arcs in front of the room and sang the “Ey Iran” anthem. Shanta Motamed then performed a “Deklameh” (soliloquy) about Iran. Performances began with our Research and Presentation Class. Mrs. Afsaneh Mirbaha (Erfani) introduced objectives, challenges and accomplishments. In addition she thanked her team of teachers, Mrs. Freshteh Nassehi and Mr. Shahrokh Erfani. Presentations for this class were divided into two segments. In the first section, Mahsa Kasiri discussed Iranian Poet Sohrab Sepehri; Abtin Erfani discussed Iranian Gold medalist Wrestler Takhti; and Hooman Noori presented Distinct characteristics of Persian Carpets from many Iranian cities. Mrs. Fahimeh Alavian’s class presented an eloquent poem from Pari Zanganeh about nature. Mrs. Maryam Mahoutchian then spoke about her class’ presentation of Shahnameh and the reasons behind her selection as well as many challenges and rewards. Mrs. Mahoutchian gave an explanation of the “Rudabeh and Zaal” story during the play to ensure continuity and comprehension. To the surprise of many adults several of the students knew their part by heart and most of the students did a very good job. The Shahnameh story was presented in 3 sections with a beautiful and refreshing dance from Mrs. Homeira Rahmatabadi’s class, separating the sections. Naudereh Noori also added to the program by playing her own composition on violin. The students then participated in “Moshaereh”. Moshaereh is the artful game of intellectual poetic Ping-Pong between 2 or more people. (Next poem starts with the same alphabet letter that concluded the last poem.) Afshin Alavian, Sanaz Asadian and Tara Davoodi from Mrs.Maryam Mahoutchian’s class had memorized many lines of poetry and did a wonderful job. The 2nd half of Research and Presentation class included Iman Motamed, who discussed the life and work of Rumi; Pedram Rahmatabadi, who presented another Iranian treasure Ferdowsi; Yasi Mirdamadi who talked about characteristics of Persian Cats; and Mahsa Kasiri who presented the life and work of a recent popular Iranian poet, Forough Farrokhzad. All R&P segments were accompanied with a background slide presentation from the students with assistance from Mr. Shahrokh Erfani and Mr. Hassan Dougani. Mr. Alavian managed the sound system for the day and Kamrani Studio videotaped the entire program. These accomplishments are the results of endless efforts by loving volunteer as well as supportive parents. Teachers who make our community a richer place to live are: Mrs. Alavian, Mrs. Lotfi, Mrs. Mahoutchian, Mrs. Mirbaha (Erfani), Mrs. Motamed, Mrs. Nassehi, Mrs. Rahmatabadi, Mrs. Sanaei, Dr. Taavoni, Mrs. Teymouri, Mr. Erfani and Mr. Naeymi-Rad. Our PTA members Dr. Alavian, Dr. Davoodi, Mr. Dougani, Dr. Hamzavi and Dr. Kasiri and our Vice Principal Mrs. Alavian ensured smooth day to day operations. We also thank Forest Hills Baptist Church for providing classroom space and other facilities to our School of Farsi Language. Registration for 2003 - 2004 school year will be on Saturday August 9, from 9:30 to 11:00 am at the International House of the Forest Hills Baptist Church (corner of Dixie Trail & Clark Ave., Raleigh) Ages 4 ½ to adult can register. Space is limited. Classes will begin the following Saturday on August 16. Annual registration is $100 ($80 ICSNC members). Please call 851-5223 if you have any questions or like to volunteer. Parviz Mahoutchian Outgoing Principal I continued to serve and jointly ran the 2004-2005 school year with Mr. Dougani before stepping down in 2005. Mr. Dougani has proven his leadership. /apm