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Atefeh Zamani

I currently work at NC state university as a postdoctoral researcher. I earned my PhD in civil engineering from NC State, July 2017. I have been in Raleigh from August 2013 and I know many of the Iranians in the area. I had the privilege to serve the
Iranian students as the vice president of the Iranian students association 2015‐2016. We initiated collaboration with ICSNC so that we had our first joint event for Yalda 2015.

I believe : I think that I can help ICSNC for better presenting the culture and holding joyful and organized events. I would like to develop a sustainable connection between ICSNC and the Iranian students. This will be a good chance for both sides to unify and learn from each
other’s experiences.

Service Year(s): 
Past Positions: 

Board Member - 2018 (Partial)