Lecture by Dr. Firouz Naderi - Sept 28, 2017 - Duke University, NC

Dr. Firouz Naderi lecture on

"How Did Humans Come to be on Planet Earth and Where to Next"

September 28th at 6 pm

Fitzpatrick Schiciano Auditorium, Duke University

101 Science Drive, Research Dr, Durham, NC 27708

Graduate Student Association of Iranians at Duke proudly presents a public speech by Dr. Firouz Naderi that "traces humans' cosmic roots to present and discusses where we, or our robotic emissaries, will be headed next and the exponential technology that will disrupt our future, for better and worse". Dr. Naderi was a member of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory since 1979 until 2016 and served as NASA's Program Manager for Mars exploration between 2000-2012.

Sponsored by Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University

Cosponsored by Iranian Cultural Society of NC and Graduate Student Association of Iranians at Duke

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 21:00